Candycoating the Holiday’s

Just some thoughts that I have as we approach Easter today…

It seems so relevant now-adays for us to candy coat what God has done for us.

Let me explain:
On Christmas, the day which we celebrate Jesus’ birth we give to each other gifts. Although this can show us how sacrifice feels, it’s nowhere near, the gift we receive from God should feel. Each year, families rack up thousands in debt over Christmas. Often times, we lose focus about what we’re truly celebrating. Jesus’ life should bring us life, not for us to only regret our decisions a few days later with spending. Now, this can be put on us, individually. But many times, we want to find reasons to candy coat what God has done for us. When Christmas rolls around, it’s easy for me to become distracted by the gifts rather on the gift giver. My focus, my thoughts go toward what they got me, rather than what they sacrificed. And that’s a total misconception toward how God wants me to think.

On Easter, we hide eggs, indulge in sweets and candies that fundamentally have nothing to do with a bunny hopping around. We tend to sugar coat events that some others may not accept. Rather than dwelling on the life changing, we dwell on the life draining.  1 Corinthians 15:13-14 reveals that if it weren’t for the resurrection of Jesus Christ that my faith and preaching would be useless. What sets my God apart from other gods is that mine was not only crucified for my sins, but yet he rose again (defeating death) which exemplified his sovereignty over humanity. Just as he experienced newness of life, I also can through crucifying my selfish desires and turning away from my sin. Sure, I enjoy my sweets and candies, but I know a purpose that is so much sweeter than this life.

This becomes sticky at this point because I have just complained about tradition, and with a change in perspective comes a trampling on people’s feet:

God means more to me than any other gift. Whether it be an ipad or even a new car. But meanwhile, I forget that the sole purpose for celebrating the holiday is not for what I receive from others, but what I receive from God.

What would it look like if instead of unwrapping gifts or searching for easter eggs, if instead we searched for God (Jeremiah 29:13) and unwrapped his grace. Instead of sugar coating God’s sacrifice, I accept and receive it for what it is. Nothing humans can do can ever measure up to what God has done.

Set your eyes on Him on Christmas and Easter, for He is truly the reason for the season!


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