Take off Your Sandals

Read: Exodus 3

Exodus 3 shows us of God’s great plan for the Israelites through one man: Moses. God reveals his purpose for Moses, but gives one request before he releases the plan. 

He asks him to take off his sandals.

Before God speaks to you of his plans for your future, He will ask you to humble yourself. To realize that when He asks something of you, it is to be taken serious. God uses us obedient, ordinary people to do extraordinary things (see Acts 4:13).

Taking off your sandals means that you recognize God’s presence and that you respect it. Taking off your sandals also means that you are acknowledging that you are unable to accomplish great things by yourself.

As we read through the plans God has for Moses, you begin to notice that Moses begins to question who Moses is to gain such responsibility. God uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things. When Moses speaks God’s name to Pharoah, then God uses his faith to work wonders. 

Are you ready to take off your sandals?

Are you ready to leave your pride behind to follow God’s good, pleasing and perfect will?

If so, it will be one of the most humbling yet rewarding experiences in your life.

Points to ponder: (1) God reveals his plan when we are willing, (2) God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things, (3) By ourselves, we are powerless.


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