Camping Out

This week I had went with the church that I am interning at to kids camp. God had done incredible things throughout each service, but the final service struck something with me. 

The speaker had each child that felt the call to full-time ministry stand up to be prayed for. I remember when I felt the call, but I also remember those who were standing there with me ten years ago. Many of them do not serve Jesus Christ anymore and most don’t even believe He exists.

Brokenhearted, I began to pray for these kids as if their future depended on the words I spoke. 

But whatever happened to those who felt the call but ran from it?

I believe that they had spent a lot of their life “camping out” in their christian walk.

What I mean is this… we often think that God can only touch us at the realm of camp. Once we go home, we begin to camp out. We live in the moments of what God had done rather than what God is doing.

Instead of dwelling on what God can do NOW, we dwell on what he did BACK THEN. 

We seldom progress toward a deeper relationship with God. and that’s where I believe many fall away. 

They get bored with what God has done, because they had never sought for what else God can do post camp.

It’s easy to camp-out. It’s easy to become complacent. 

However, when we are faced with the consequences of camping out, we soon realize that complacency leads to spiritual death.

Move on from camp and crack open your bible. Move from worshipping God through singing to worshipping him through your actions.

Thoughts to think about: (1) Camping Out is Consequential, (2) Don’t live in the past with what God had done, look forward to what God is doing.


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