1000³: My Vision


As I have read several books over the last few months, one significant detail stuck out to me.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted my life to stand for. Sure, I knew I wanted to leave the world better because I was here and sure, I wanted to make a difference, but WHAT IS IT that will become the driving force or the propelling vision that will guide my life.

Over the past week or two, I have given much thought and prayer to this, and this is what I believe is a sample of my mission statement.

1000³: Reaching in to Reach Out.

My goal is to reach 1000 in 3 different areas:


1. 1000 Books Read

This is significant because not many people have a passion to read and thus they are limited to their ability based upon those they surround themselves with.

Their leadership is thus greatly reduced and almost wasted.

I have heard it said that if you read one book a month over the next ten years, then you will be within the top 1% of those in your profession.

Think about that. By placing an hour a week into reading, you can become one of the best in your area of expertise.

And this is where the REACHING IN takes place. If I can become a person of character, discipline, and wisdom, then I have greatly increased my leadership capacity and am made a leader worth following.


2.  1000 others experiencing God’s presence

Now, let me explain this real quick.

I am not the one who saves others. I am merely a vessel that God can use to reach out to someone.

During the course of Jesus’ ministry, he had twelve disciples and before he died, one went off and betrayed him. Jesus reached 11/12 men that he had set to impact.

If Jesus didn’t have a 100% success rate at leading others to become satisfied in Him then we should not hold ourselves to a standard that not even our standard had met.

I have heard it said that we can’t cause others to fall in love with God, but we can help set the date for them to experience Him

3.  1000 students discipled

Hold the phone, Jeremy. You just said 1000 people experiencing Jesus. Why is there a discrepancy toward meeting Christ and being discipled in Christ?

I want to see students and adults make an impact in their occupations and endeavors. I want to raise such an emergency behind the love of God that students and adults not only find God’s love, but to train them to lead others to Christ as well.


Lastly, my vision is: 1000³. One may ask why not just 1000 x 3…

We shouldn’t measure the effectiveness of a leader by what happens while he/she is alive, but what happens after they have passed.

The likes of Charles Spurgeon, John Wesley, John Calvin, Augustine and David Wilkerson are still making a profound impact even though they have passed.

I want to create a vision that will survive longer than I do.

My hope and dream is to create a passion and urgency in others to share the heart and love of Christ all around them.

Together, we can become exponential. We can make a bigger impact in others and

Together, we can make eternity look different for others!

What is it that moves and motivates you? What does your mission statement look like? Feel free to share any thoughts or ideas!


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